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Posted by lsmith335 on June 10, 2012 at 12:45 AM

I have made a book of my favorite places to submit. In it, I've gathered the submission guidelines for each publication along with their websites and email addresses. Every publication has its own set of rules. However, most of these rules tend to be similar. Details to search for include:


* How many or how long of a piece to submit (usually submit between 3-5 poems or one story of a specified word count)

* Whether simultaneous submissions are accepted (indicate if you plan to submit elsewhere, and notify them if a piece is accepted elsewhere before they respond)

* Whether to submit via mail, email or an online submissions manager on their website. If through email, find out if they want the pieces attached or pasted into the body of the email. FInd out how they want your contact information formatted. I tend to include my name, address, phone number, email and page number in the top right hand corner of each page unless specified otherwise).

* How long to wait before a response (even if this time frame passes, don't try to withdraw your piece right away. I've had pieces accepted several months after a time frame was given. Despite this, do not always expect a response back, but feel free to resubmit your piece to another publication after their time frame has passed).

* I also like to mark down what the payment will be if accepted. Even if it is only a contributor's copy, it lets you know what to expect upon publication.

My guide is separated between publications that accept via mail and those that are by email. The mail system can get expensive, especially with the need to include a self-addressed envelope for a response. So, I have taken to submitting only to publications who accept online submissions for now. There is often little or no payment, but it seems to get me more acceptances and build up my credentials for the more difficult publications to review. That way, the postage will be worth it. While I hate to think that an editor factors in reputation and past publications into reviewing your submissions instead of the content of the work you are sending, it seems to be likely that they would.

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